If only it worked like a Jack-in-the-box and sprung out of the box put together. This is what my Surly steed looks like when it travels to France:


And this is what it looks like reassembled and ready for riding:


I was the sous-mechanic all morning, cutting off zip ties with nail clippers and handing John the allen wrenches. Midday, we pedaled away from Hotel Croix Baragnon and wandered into a restaurant serving crepes and cidre–cuisine we can’t resist, having sampled much of it on a prior bike tour in Brittany. After that we toured the old town a bit, with plenty of bike riders for company, albeit looking much more stylish than us. I counted exactly three other cyclists wearing helmets.

The church bell is tolling 5pm. Everyone’s out and about. The city has a very lively feel. Our host at Croix Baragnon, after finding out where we live, called Toulouse the San Francisco of France. Unfortunately we move on tomorrow, but we’ll be back!

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